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Compassionate care when you need it most.

With a home office in Post Falls, Dr. Guy McAninch can help you find relief when other offices may be closed. We can work out a schedule that's convenient for you… even if it’s last minute.

“Send me a text message or give me a call and we can work out a time that’s convenient for you. Your health needs shouldn’t have to wait until next week!”

Your Choice. I provide chiropractic care, nutrition advice, exercises, ergonomic suggestions and massage therapy.

Your Goals. First, let’s get you feeling better. Then, let’s work towards improving your health based on your goals.

Your Comfort. “I want you to feel at home when you’re here. My office is cozy, my care is professional and thorough…. and I’m ready to help .”

Get started today!

Dr. Guy McAninch

Dr. Guy begins your treatment with adjustments on your
first visit; you don’t have to wait for further appointments to begin care.

“We will discuss what brought you here, I’ll explain what to expect,
make sure you’re comfortable, and then we can begin to work together
to help you achieve the goals you have for your health.”

I know how uncomfortable everything can be when you’re in pain,
and I truly want to help you feel better, stronger and more joyful.”

Ready to get started with care? Text or give me a call today!

Dr. Guy McAninch, (208) 818-6301


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