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Grow With Us at
Farm & Table Chiropractic

You’ll find that Farm & Table Chiropractic is a fun, easygoing place that isn’t like any office you’ve ever been to before. Post Falls Chiropractor Dr. Guy McAninch and his family have a beautiful small farm on the edge of Post Falls. His home-based practice provides personalized health care for all ages in our community.

Chiropractic adjusting roomImprove Your Health and Change Your Life!

With chiropractic care, the goal is simple: to help your body function as best as it possibly can. Your care here is different; every visit begins with a vibration massage from a hand held tool to address the muscles tension in your body before each adjustment. Dr. Guy has several adjusting techniques to choose from depending on your comfort. If you prefer a particular method, he’ll be happy to accommodate you. After the adjustment, Dr. Guy will show you exercises and stretches to help speed your healing. He might talk to you about your workstation or other aspects of your lifestyle as needed, bringing a well-rounded approach to your care. He will also provide some nutritional advice and diet recommendations to help accentuate your health.

Your input is always welcome, because open communication plays a significant role in getting you the results you’re looking for.