Meet the Doctor

 Dr. Guy McAninch


Dr. Guy McAninchMy favorite subjects in school were science,  biology and anatomy, but I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with that passion." I wanted a career that allowed me to help people, but I wasn't sure how to go about doing that.”  Dr. Guy’s sister began visiting a chiropractor and he witnessed her overall health improving…

While talking to my sister one day, she suggested that I should be a chiropractor. With my passion for biology and anatomy combined with the desire to help people, chiropractic care was the perfect fit. From that day on, I focused on becoming a chiropractor. It's been over 20 years since that day and I'm truly thankful to be a chiropractor in Post Falls.”

     Chiropractic Education

Dr. McAninch earned his Doctorate from Sherman College of Chiropractic, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

“My college experience was remarkable. The education I received and the friendships that developed allowed me to engage in many insightful conversations with like-minded people  that focused on chiropractic and overall natural health. I was able to grow as a person and as a chiropractor.”

         Doing What I Love to Do 

The best part about being a chiropractor is that I get to help people live a healthier life and that is something I love to do. The opportunity to help people improve their health and lifestyle is very rewarding to me. Chiropractic allows me to dedicate my life to helping people, and I love it.”

“When I’m not in the office, I like to spend most of my time with my family and animals. They love to go for hikes, bike rides and go to our local parks. With 3 boys the Legos are always out somewhere in the house. We also enjoy gardening, raising chickens and goats...4H is definitely on the horizon”

“Thanks for getting to know me. Now, I’d like to get to know you and learn how I can help you. Send me a text or call, so we can setup a time to meet.”

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