Your First Visit

After you have filled out the necessary paperwork, we will discuss your health concerns. If this is your first time exploring chiropractic care, Dr. Guy will spend extra time with you to explain how chiropractic works and address any concerns you might have.

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“I love explaining how adjustments work and the basics of chiropractic care.  Discussing the foundations of chiropractic care always reminds me how much I love helping people in such a natural way.”

The next step on your initial visit is a brief exam. This is where we work together to find the root cause of your health concern.

“I like to provide care as soon as possible. So you can expect to be treated on your first visit.” After your treatment, Dr. Guy will give you some recommendations as to what he feels will help you the most. After that,  he will listen to you. He wants to know what you expect to get out of his care and how you feel about his recommendations. There will not be any pressure and NO SALES PITCH! You choose the level of care you want.

                                                                                                        "A properly functioning nervous system is the foundation of health."

“On your follow-up visits, I’ll track your progress and will demonstrate some exercises and stretches to strengthen and stretch your muscles. I can also offer advice on nutrition and suggest some lifestyle and ergonomic changes that will help improve your overall well being. This will help you to continue improving your health at home.”

By addressing your overall wellness, you can build a strong foundation of health!

Contact Dr. Guy today, so we can talk about how to take your health the next level.

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